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Many years ago I started to subscribe and also bookmark a new Internet Magazine titled Winding Road. I was really impressed with the contributors' knowledge and fair reporting, and I also liked the photographic coverage which was of high quality. From memory, this No. 1 issue dates back to 2009 and it is of great interest to compare the sort of cars offered and tested at the time when compared with 2021. Take your time to peruse, there is a hell of a lot of interesting reading. Just as an aside, I am hoping that the copy and paste will work. Regards Styria

Well, I am sorry to say that this is a non-event - unable to copy and paste. I will need to find an alternative means that will be acceptable. My sincere apologies. Next action will be for me to actually find this particular issue on the Internet.



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Sydney, Australia
Hopefully by now you'd be able to upload a picture?
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