W116 blower motor series resistor

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Hello from Jimb sorry to bother you. Just obtained this 1974 W116 280SE on Easter Monday. So here am I on your forum .It is a nice car but has some electrical issues .My background is electrical / electronics so I am hoping I can cope with it's problems. Can someone please tell me where the blower motor series resistor is and how do I remove it for repair. Also how do I remove the blower motor for repair. The problem is this ,I replaced missing fuse 8 amp fuse 3. Supposing I switched fan speed to position 1 or 2 .Speed is actually not relevant .It runs for a short time then goes into full speed by itself and cannot be switched off unless I turn the ignition of. If the ignition is turned on again fuse 3 blows because the fan is drawing full current on high speed. If I disconnect the battery the system resets itself. You can then reselect speed one or 2 and it again after about 10 seconds switches itself back to full speed. I had a spare selector switch which I replaced and it does the same thing.I also removed electrical connections from thermostat. I suspect maybe 2 faults one is the series resistor and 2 the fan motor may be drawing a bit too much current. I measured the current at 7.6 amps on full speed which is too close to the rating of fuse 3 which is rated at 8 amps .Any help will be greatly appreciated.kind regards.Jimb


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Hello Bryce.
That is very helpfull .
I am hoping the series resistors will be close by.
Regards Jim.
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