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Remember the Mercedes Add... a used Mercedes is better than a New anything else( at the same price) Little Wifey has been making noise about replacing our now 6 year old C Class. Vw Passat has had a good reports, A road test for $43000 soon convinced that the add was right. not a patch on the C Class (at $25000). In fact the new Mk 7 Golf is a nicer Car to drive at half the price. Doesn't have the bells and whistles to go wrong. A Volvo V40 seems very nice until i read of the clonkey Twin Clutch Gear Box which lets it down. So the Mercedes stays for at least another 5 years. 5 years of depreciation on a new C Class pays for a lot of repairs to our current Car, that may never happen.


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Sean, I guess it depends on how much money you've got and how much you are willing to spend on a new car, irrespective of make or model. At $43K. you do have a lot of choices, some certainly more attractive (at least to look at) than the Passat. The big Hyundai or Kia Saloons spring to mind, and Michel gave me a ride to one of the Club meetings in a Genesis although, of course, that's somewhat more expensive.

Also lookat the 430 Coupes that Michel and Anthony have bought - great value for money, and extremely attractive from most perspectives - you just hope that nothing major rears its ugly head. Talking of well, used VW cars, I simply love the shape of the 'Highline' Passat, and many cheaply priced at about the $15K. mark. What a glorious looking car. I just wonder how much grieve one may have to experience from a servicing point of view. Regards. Styria

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