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We all know that our esteemed force uses unmarked Patrol Cars, as well as surveillance in hiding places etc. In most respects, I am not worried by these patrols as, 90% of the time, I stick to speed limits and observe traffic rules.

With Commodores and Falcons being gradually phased out, I now observe Toyota Camrys, as well as unmarked Hyundai Sonatas, as well as some Kia models, now part of the fleet being used by our Police. However, the other day, on Cumberland Road at Wentworthville and where you have a turn off to join the M4, I observed a completely unmarked, Mercedes Van that had pulled up behind a motorist - it was the really large Delivery Van type similar to Ford Transits, Iveco Vans etc. and the only clue that gave away that this was a Police vehicle were two small rectangular separate Red and Blue flashing lights, located inside the front and rear screens. A Police person could also be seen taking details from a car driver parked in front of the Van. So keep it in mind, you just never know which car along side you could be the one to nab you.

BTW, has anyone ever noticed the hordes of aggressive Tradies plying their speed habits ? Those tradies utes give nothing to cars nowadays with their quite powerful engines, but I can still outsmart most of them by better utilizing traffic conditions. Regards Styria


Perth Australia
Yep, seen Hyundai iloads, Santa Fe, Ford Ranger, stinger, basically anything could be an unmarked car now. I just put my cruise control, don’t touch my phone and let others cop the fines!!!


Claremont Meadows
Good observation Styria.

Idiot young tradies, or worse still idiot young tradies on P plates!
These are probably the rudest and most inconsiderate drivers I have ever seen.

Just an accident looking for somewhere to happen.
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