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Over a period of years, reference has been made to groaning and creaking noises emanating from the steering box/inner guard mounting area. I don't think that anyone has ever really been able to offer an explanation for this phenomen, let alone found a solution.

Invariably the steering box is considered the culprit, and I have even contemplated fitting a very special bracket designed and presumably manufactured by Mercedes Benz and offered as an option back in the '80s - I presume. Even Gleaming Beauty still emits the occasional 'groan' when commencing to turn away from the straight-on position, and there is a definite resistance to wanting to turn from stand-still, despite the fact that the steeringbox is in excellent condition. When one of the TK members came in the other day with a badly groaning system, I sort of admonished him for not keeping up the oil to the power steering pump. Alas, there was a sufficient level of oil in the reservoir, but worse still apart from the groaning, there was virtually no power assistance when turning the wheel. Accordingly, I decided to have the pump rebuilt with new gears and bushes, install a full seal kit and fit the replacement unit to the car - also took the decision to have a second unit rebuilt, but that's a story for another day. What is perhaps not always known is that the pumps fitted to the 6.9 engine (steering system) have an exclusive 90 atm rating. From memory, 450s rate at 82 with a larger pulley, but I stand to be corrected at that.

Now that the rebuilt pump has been installed, steering action is perfectly smooth and precise in operation, and the rebuilding process can be considered a total success. Incidentally, R & R is not easy on account of its location, being nestled deep down on the left hand side of the engine, with awkward to reach threaded pipe fittings. A further issue as far as removal is concerned relates to the situation whereby the pipe fitting turns with the nut, and when that happens, you're up against it. I also tend to think that removal of the hydraulic suspension pump would greatly facilitate removal of the steering pump. The job takes several hours. Regards. Styria
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Just an update. As luck (?) would have it, after successfully stopping a persistent leak from the threaded fitting securing the high pressure hose, it turned out that there was an additional leak from the hose as well. What is it they say ? All good things come in twos ?

On checking with suppliers, new replacement hoses are no longer available. Thus a trip to Pirtek to manufacture a replacement unit. They use the existing fittings, but supply a new high pressure hose. $165.00 later - voila, non leaking replacement. Next job was to fit it - tricky, but got it done, and no more leaks. Regards. Styria
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