Motorsport in NSW, track days, clubs, etc

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Hey everyone, I’m really feeling that “motorsport itch” lately, I’ve always been around race cars, rally and drag.

Anyone here involved in motorsports in NSW, track days, racing, marshalling??

I’m keen to get going but have come up at a loss with available tracks, clubs, forums etc, all I can find is eastern creak, what else is going on (I’m in Sydney eastern subs)

Thanks loads,


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I'm only familiar with eastern creek now Oran park is closed. I think there may be a track down near Golburn somewhere?

Might be worth looking up one of the more motorsport oriented clubs like Porsche, they probably organize track days. I know there is also a motor sport section of the jag club that do classic racing, some of the members go quite regularly. I can think of one person who has a MKII and an XJS racer.


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There is a new racetrack to rival the old Oran Park in South West Sydney.
It's called Luddenham Raceway and is in Luddenham (not far from Badgerys Creek future airport).

From all that I have read, it's quite a superb set up and is available for club days or even private events.

It also has outdoor go karting, outdoor paintball and obviously the new motorsport park. Luddenham Raceway motorsport park for car track days, bike ride days, driver training, hotlaps experiences.
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