Mine car at 2008 MBCV Concourse

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Just thought I'd share this picture with you all. Hi Des.



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Sydney, Australia
To think this car could've been sitting in my garage....:(

Oh well:rolleyes:


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you washed her!

how could you?

:D :D :D

In over 1 years ownership I only washed the 6.9 once (drive through car wash)

I figure washing does more harm to the paint than dust that collects from a dusty shed.

To think this car could've been sitting in my garage....:(

Oh well:rolleyes:

Yes I regret not going through with the trade/sale for that lovely green Ponton you have.
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Thanks guys.

This has been the kind of project I've wanted for ages... its my daily drive, and is reliable in that job, but also in good enough shape that I can work on the small things in a controlled manner without having the car off the road for weeks at a time.

Not co-incidently the race car has the same bamboo leather interior but in better condition... its to be stipped out (of course) so the seats and other small items will go into the 6.9

Think we have to make a more concerted effort next year for a real 116 presence at the concourse... all parked alongside one another... while I did no official number counts, the biggest turnout was 107s, 108s and 116s and 114/5s. You'd not have thought there was so many 116s because they were spread all over the place, but together there would have been a ####load.. at least 8 6.9s etc.
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