GM Ends ICE Production by 2035

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So that’s it then??

And I’ve just seen some people in Australian Gov are suggesting a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030. 9 years???????

So how could that even be achieved when there’s still no solution to trucks, trains, ships & aircraft?? Not to mention big industry!

Wind turbines & electric cars will put huge demands on copper supplies where the price will go through the roof. It’s already high & is being stolen on a regular basis.

And lastly what will all this mean for us die hard petrol heads?


and 111/126
I think it will be easy for governments to mandate/incent electric cars for all new sales

it will be much harder to ban petrol cars because of the size of the existing fleet.
They may try a cash for clunkers style programme, but that is just going to thin the herd of ordinary commuter cars that are not interesting to enthusiasts.

I do forsee car enthusiasts will probably have to get somewhat politically active to protect our rights in the future.


Claremont Meadows
Dumb move when we burn coal to produce electricity to charge these cars.
Yes, our coal burning process & our Australian coal is probably the cleanest in the world, but the decision makers clearly ignor the fact that they reduce the emissions from a tail pipe, they increase the emissions from the power station.
No thought or care about this fact.

The only true clean way to do this is if every electric car came with a solar system for the house to charge the car from it, or from a battery the solar system charges.
This is the only true green way to do electric cars & trucks.

Scomo was at our Volvo factory the week before last driving our first production electric truck.
All good fan fare, bells whistles & streamers and Australian made signs everywhere.
Scomo was going on about Australian made & jobs.
What they didn’t tell was.
It was fully imported from Sweden.
It has a range of 200km.
It can only carry a few tons.
It takes 8 hours to recharge.

Unfortunately electric trucks don’t have the range at present due to massive batteries that expel very quickly due to carrying massive weights.

Our current range of trucks are Euro VI and our Japanese trucks are what is called pPNLT rated which is the highest emission standard in the world.
These Japanese rated trucks can basically clean the air as they drive.
What comes out is far cleaner than what goes in, if you are in a highly polluted environment.

This is good, as without Trucks the majority of goods in Australia can not get to where they need to be.

However we do need a cash for clunkers in the truck world, this would make a massive difference.

Some countries that we call “emerging markets” don’t have any pollution controls or laws when it comes to cars & trucks at all.
So here we are doing our best, while some countries buy 10 times the amount of trucks we do, but none have any pollution laws.
They want cheap trucks so the manufacturers make cheap trucks without pollution systems.
Volvo Group only sell a minimum of Euro III to these countries, and it has now been mandated that Volvo soon will only sell a minimum of EuroV to these countries. (Which is what we have just stopped producing here last year in favour of the very strict EuroVI)
So they will sell less trucks, because these emerging markets will buy Chinese or Indian trucks rated at Euro 0.
No emission systems at all, because they are cheap.

In case you didn’t know, the biggest polluters in the world I’d shipping.
This is where huge changes need to be made.

All this crap about green, emissions, and electric cars is just political crap to get votes from the young greenies and ever growing lazy hippies.

sean sherry

Yes Patrick Crap is the accurate word. Manufacturers will meet the Market. Politicians will say anything to secure Votes. Unfortunately short term thinking is the name of the game in the west today A benevolent Dictator perhaps ?
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