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This from the add .
1974 Mercedes slc dtm race car
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: coupe
I have a euro version shipped directly from Germany DTM race car I bought the car with the original 400hp 45 year old motor I then had the motor rebuilt resleeved new pistons rods and rebalanced assembled along with new valve job re ported the heads new valve springs retainers new custom cam modified it to be direct fire ignition which is not complete new water pump set up all Cnc professionally built has Holley coil packs , mounted on custom brackets custom Cnc fuel rails custom steel braided an fitted fuel system on 2 pumps and sumped tank full custom twin turbo set up done by synapse with dual blowoff valves 100mm pipe from intercooler with custom intercooler piping to 105mm billet throttle body custom sheet metal intake manifold dual 62mm turbos plus dual 44mm new tial wastegates custom fabbed turbo manifolds top mounted with support brackets custom fabbed ss beautiful downpipes new direct fire ignition wheel rebuilt amg factory transmission and much more the set up is 80-90% complete needs new computer set up Holley dominator was set up for it but the unit was stolen from me , the interior was redone with new refinishing on dash headliner panels etc has a custom 4 point roll bar new carpet and a whole lotta performance extra parts like gauges oil cooler piping suede steering wheel and extra built stock transmission along with everything you need to make it run minus the computer car was resprayed ppg silver original dtm silver and has leather bucket seats from a Porsche it has awesome custom aristo wheels specifically fitted for this car bbs race style deep dish in gold and polish finish on nitto tires also redid the dtm mampe graphics layout , total I spent on parts alone over $50,000 and getting the car with an original dtm motor cost me over $70,000 as it is an original mampe amg race motor from the 70s and made 400hp for a nearly 50 year old motor ! Which was beefed up and twin turbos expetected to produce over 1200 wheel horsepower! Check out pics yourself one of a kind build won't see nothing like this ! I'm asking $50,000 for it currently I have 3 other projects and I won't get to this for at least a year so I'll have to take a loss and let it go ..
motec 6.9

motec 6.9

Prodigal Son


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How did I miss this post??? Thanks Geoff wow!
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