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Perth Western Australia
Thanks Motec.

I was up in Northampton on Saturday night when I received your text.
I know my car complete with spoiler was in my Shed on Thursday night and it is now definitely in the central bay of my garage as of last night complete with it's spoiler waiting for a bit more use when the fleet is diminished in the near future.
I see he has whited out the plate on the ad now.

motec 6.9

motec 6.9

Prodigal Son
Been in contact with seller Bill . Admitted just using photo as example. Geoff


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It is surprising that a professional seller (shop) should take the liberty to use someone else's vehicle for illustration purposes. I'd probably be a bit miffed over that sort of indiscretion. Mind you, I shouldn't really talk - how many times have I utilized other magazines' material to post on TK. Regards Styria
motec 6.9

motec 6.9

Prodigal Son
Hopefully there are low or no bidders on item . For personal reasons :D
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