6.9 Engine Mods by MKB

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Erhard Melcher was one of the founding members of A(M)G and the engineering brains behind the brand, who then went out on his own way back in 1970. Melcher founded MKB which then conducted much of the R&D for AMG and many other tuners. They actually developed the Hammer (DOHC 4V) M117 and supplied many of the race engines to AMG!

The MKB website is still advertising upgrades for the 6.9 for anyone with deep pockets!


They went into administration back in Feb 2020, but seems they're still kicking now....

They've turned to the early classics to survive and even do a 5.6 upgrade for the 450 M117!

https://www.mkb-tuning.de/de/classicengineering/M117_450SL_ 5,6l.php

motec 6.9

Prodigal Son
So not as much work as Galloway have done to the 6.3


No but it’s great news others are catering for the old girls! This also means things might improve regarding OEM (or genuine) spares.
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