450 SEL aircon fan improvements needed

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Sydney NSW
Anyone have any solution to the lack of power on 450SEL air con fan
Even wih the fan on max i can barely feel it . Whereas on my wife's Ford falcon or my daughters mitsubishi magna you get a nice strong airflow that can even be felt by rear seat passengers .
Any ideas , solutions ?


Check that you are actually getting full speed by listening in for the change in speed at each setting level (ie 1, 2, 3). It may be that it's only on 2, even though the switch is set on max. This would indicate a problem with the resister controlling fan speed.

It may be one of the control flaps is partially closed due to poor adjustment, a problem with a cable, or something's broken. Another possibility is that some foam has become dislodged from a flap and is now blocking flow. Hopefully it can be fixed without removing the airbox, which is a nasty job. But if it's not a daily driver and you allow enough time so there's no pressure (and you take plenty of pics to guide re-assembly), the results can be rewarding... :)


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Toorak Vic
I had the same problem with my 74, 450SEL, & no one could tell me why.

I thought that there must be a thermostat or something, & if so, it sure cut in at the worst time,... MrsAAB was not impressed !!


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