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  1. Styria

    Penrite ISO15 Hydraulic Oil

    From my experience, I would suggest that it is extremely critical to use the correct hydraulic viscosity fluid in the 6.9's suspension system. There is a reason for saying this, BTW, I haven't checked the viscosity specification of the Mercedes (well, you normally buy FEBI aftermarket)...
  2. Styria

    January Photo Contest

    Amazing how perceptive you guys are - mind you though, that photoshopped picture of Red Terror, with the Polish and lustre supplied by the Prince of Arabia may take some beating. He has a lot of influence as well. Regards Styria N.B. Best for me to tell the truth - still have to work out how to...
  3. Styria

    W116 Instrument Clusters

    Geoff, I have lost track of your progress on the 6.9. I am sure there must be an update somewhere but I have been quite slack for a considerable period of time as far as posting is concerned. Perhaps you may provide members with an update. BTW, what do you think of TK's new layout and features...
  4. Styria

    2006 CLK AMG 6.3

    There is a lot to like about this magnificent car. Quite a comprehensive video with some interesting comments, although I haven't really had the opportunity to digest the video properly. Regards Styria This car is actually with the Oldtimer Centre, and the guy is obviously quite...
  5. Styria

    Winding Road Short Videos

    Well, back in 2014 the above videos certainly worked. Harking back to my "non-event" just posted, I am trying to work out what is wrong, or what has gone wrong. Perhaps the powers that be will be able to assist.
  6. Styria

    Winding Road Issue 1 - Internet

    Many years ago I started to subscribe and also bookmark a new Internet Magazine titled Winding Road. I was really impressed with the contributors' knowledge and fair reporting, and I also liked the photographic coverage which was of high quality. From memory, this No. 1 issue dates back to...
  7. Styria

    The Rover P5/P5B

    Exterior wise it's a great looking car, and even the interior is more than acceptable. However, looking under the bonnet and the high tension leads - I mean, it has to be a real turn-off in my opinion. Also, looking at the underside of the dash one can see the hanging down position of the upper...
  8. Styria

    W116 production - Sindelfingen

    Well, that's not nice. Back to Facebook - I might be able to Bookmark it before it gets lost in the maelstrom of the Facebook. Regards Sty
  9. Styria

    W116 production - Sindelfingen

    This is one fantastic, and rare, video illustrating production of the W116 range. I haven't watched all at this stage, but it looks the goods. Regards Styria
  10. Styria

    Rover Mark III on Gumtree

    Someone on Facebook spotted this Mark III priced at $A17,000. I went to have a look and it does look to be in smart condition. Will now go and have a closer look at some more photos. Regards Styria...
  11. Styria

    Retorqueing 6.9 Head Bolts

    I think it's quite staggering that eleven years have passed since I carried out this valve grind and de-coke ! I am not quite so sure if I have my time frame correct, but looking at the dates, that has got to be it. I seem to recall another thread which covered this job and which had been...
  12. Styria

    Mercedes Service Modification

    Thanks to the efforts of Bryce and TK's rotating gallery, I have been provided with the option of rekindling this thread, and all of the various contributions that arose from the publication of this same. Of course, as is the wont the thread has died in the proverbial, shall we say, maelstrom...
  13. Styria

    January Photo Contest

    I have decided not to enter Gleaming Beauty in this contest as she would be an outstanding winner. That being the case, I would be accused of undue influence or cooking the books.o_O
  14. Styria

    W116 D jet?

    Sorry Peter, my apologies. How could I forget you - simply not good enough. It will be interesting to see how Oscar450 gets on. Regards Styria
  15. Styria

    W116 D jet?

    Hi Oscar, I need to admit that not a lot is known by us on the D - Jet system. The one that were familiar are no longer active contributors, and in addition a number of mechanics have retired and can no longer help. I can only readily think of two repair shops that would be able to help you. One...
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