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  1. Styria

    Scotty Kilmer and European Cars

    I realize he is not universally liked, and perhaps not respected. However, that being the case, should we ignore that his videos are the most widely watched on the Internet - I am talking about "Repair" and Assessment videos. His expose of cars featured in the video feature here is, in my...
  2. Styria

    UK Options List for W126 range

    Here goes - I have had this in my PC system for God knows how long and, I have decided, that I would like to create this thread on TK. I am just hoping that all will work out. Regards Styria file://C:/Users/Michael/Downloads/UK%20OptionsList126%20(3).pdf Dare I say it ? Success ? Hope...
  3. Styria

    Synthetic Fuels

    As the author says, like it or lump it, but all Electrically driven cars are probably just a few years away. It is quite obvious that local, short distance journeys will be an ideal form of propulsion, and at this stage it is only the significant additional cost that would represent an...
  4. Styria

    Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato C3

    One of the benefits of "horsing" around on the Internet always results in coming across all that is weird and wonderful. The car in question and featured here would in my eyes fall into the category of owning my dream car. Zagato styling can never be mistaken to have been penned by anyone...
  5. Styria

    Pininfarina 6.3 Coupe

    What a find, what a great bit of history, with a number of question marks hanging over the whole project. If memory serves me right, SEL 69L found a 4 door Saloon (no kidding !) and featured it in one of his posts. I don't think that the car here is one and the same. Now I am just hoping that I...
  6. Styria

    2006 CLK AMG 6.3

    There is a lot to like about this magnificent car. Quite a comprehensive video with some interesting comments, although I haven't really had the opportunity to digest the video properly. Regards Styria This car is actually with the Oldtimer Centre, and the guy is obviously quite...
  7. Styria

    Winding Road Issue 1 - Internet

    Many years ago I started to subscribe and also bookmark a new Internet Magazine titled Winding Road. I was really impressed with the contributors' knowledge and fair reporting, and I also liked the photographic coverage which was of high quality. From memory, this No. 1 issue dates back to...
  8. Styria

    W116 production - Sindelfingen

    This is one fantastic, and rare, video illustrating production of the W116 range. I haven't watched all at this stage, but it looks the goods. Regards Styria
  9. Styria

    Rover Mark III on Gumtree

    Someone on Facebook spotted this Mark III priced at $A17,000. I went to have a look and it does look to be in smart condition. Will now go and have a closer look at some more photos. Regards Styria...
  10. Styria

    The finer workings of the Overdrive feature

    This information is handy when comparing the differences between the various installations. Regards Styria
  11. Styria

    Jeep vs. Cayenne S

    Interesting comparison between two "heavyweights". Regards Styria
  12. Styria

    British Cars 1958

    Found this great video of Facebook - if you're old and a bit of an enthusiast and car buff like me, you will appreciate it. Sean, do you hear ? Anyway, I also just love the rendition of California Blue - how exquisite. Enjoy. Regards Styria...
  13. Styria

    2013 Mercedes SL65 AMG

    A very impressive model - outstanding power characteristics, comprehensive write up by this Internet Magazine. BTW Bryce, I think I might have the same problem again. I wonder why I am unable to transfer the...
  14. Styria

    In-Depth guide to 6.9 emission control

    Many times I have wished that I would know more how to hook up the various vacuum pipes and switches pertaining to the Australian complied 6.9s. I have had this information in my Document Folder since God knows how long. The following seven pages may assist in sorting out various emission...
  15. Styria

    Comprehensive 116 history

    Not sure if many of you have seen this feature, nor am I certain if it has featured on TK previously. Whichever, and whoever hasn't seen it, this excerpt on our cars makes quite interesting reading. BTW, it's been in my Document Folder for God knows how long. Regards Styria
  16. Styria

    Mercedes Coupes of the Sixties

    I have just picked up this little snippet from the Mercedes site in the States. I have had some restoration involvement with a 1966 300SE Coupe, as well as a 1962 220SE Convertible. This was quite a few years ago. The 220 was a straight forward mechanical valve grind and decoke job. The...
  17. Styria

    Fuelstar - petrol

    Back in the late '90s, the topic of valve recession, converting valve inserts to hardened seats was on the mind of every owner involved with the running of Classic and older cars. You don't hear much about it these days presumably because our fears have been allayed by the addition of Valve...
  18. Styria

    Bentley V12 Engine Assembly

    For me who likes to see how mechanicals work, this is a great video. You can understand why it would be hellishly expensive to try and carry out any sort of work apart from, perhaps, changing engine oil and filter. To me it looks like an absolute masterpiece and a virtual work of art...
  19. Styria

    The "Screw Driver" test

    6.9 owners would be familiar with the full hydraulic system that , apart from struts and valves, plus some other components, incorporate five Pressure Cells - four for front and back, plus a Master unit that replenishes the system if there is a drop in the suspension level. I recently required...
  20. Styria

    Collection of Mercedes models

    Something to soothe our tired and sore eyes. If I had all of those in my collection, I would never sleep. Regards Styria