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  1. motec 6.9

    New 1929 blower Bentley

    Bentley is building 13 new 1929 blower Bentley continuation cars for those with deep pockets
  2. motec 6.9

    AGS Motorsports Barra powered 1927 Rolls Royce

    So we have worked on some amazing and different cars here at ASG Motorsports before!!!! BUT this 1927 Rolls Royce is definitely a first for us. With a Barra conversion and Haltech ECU package this ones a FIRST even for us. Stay Tuned as we get this old historic running again.
  3. motec 6.9

    Steve McQueen 6.3

    A 6.3 for sale that was owned by the king off cool Steve McQueen
  4. motec 6.9

    Styrian F1 race

    We live in interesting time's were we have 2 race's in a row at the same track and second race is named after province called Styria
  5. motec 6.9

    6.9 6 speed manual kit

    You can now buy and off the shelf 6 speed manual kit for 6.9 and 6.3 plus 560 as well as other V8 Mercedes.
  6. motec 6.9

    Rebuilding W116 6.9 Struts

    I do know Tim from WA has successfully rebuilt both front and rear struts
  7. motec 6.9

    300sel 7.1

    This is from Galloway engine's Facebook page and car is at my former work . A Mercedes project recently completed, M100 OHC 6.3 V8. This project included a longer stroke crankshaft we manufactured to take the capacity to 7.1 litres, custom forged pistons to suit with thin modern rings, valve...
  8. motec 6.9

    RIP Sir Stirling Moss

    Tragically Sir Stirling Moss has just died
  9. motec 6.9

    Commodore killed off by Holden

    Announced today by Holden is the ZB Commodore would not be replaced when current stocks run out in the new year
  10. motec 6.9

    Mb Spares sale

    Well Mb Spares had a sale on today. A few NOS body parts like these SEL rear door skins
  11. motec 6.9

    5 best Mercedes investment cars

    Apparently these are the best Mercedes cars to invest in at the moment based on recent price increases. I'm sure the 6.3 is a mistake
  12. motec 6.9

    NSW Police lose M5

    Apparently NSW High way patrol lost a BMW M5 after a pursuit by parking near a small grass fire . Sounds more likely exhaust set grass alight...
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    Mercedes fined for Diesel gate

    Mercedes have been caught cheating emissions same as VW
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    FIAT Turbina 1954

    Fiat Turbina In 1954 Fiat was the second car manufacturer, after Rover, to introduce a car propelled by a gas turbine. The project took a long period of planning, studies began in 1948 and ended with a track test in 1954 on the rooftop track of the Lingotto factory. The engine had two compressor...
  15. motec 6.9

    18 inch billet Mercedes Hub cap wheels

    Dragway wheels have just reproduced the iconic Mercedes Hub cap in 18x7 and 18x8 inch billet wheels.
  16. motec 6.9

    To Sprint or not to Sprint

    I am looking at maybe buying a ex government Sprinter Transfer bus like this . As I have been offered a contract that is very tempting. They are aware of my upcoming surgery and being unable to commence till middle off October at the earliest. So we will see what I decide . The minimum seating...
  17. motec 6.9

    Mercedes greatest hits

    Found this book by Classic & Sports Car in my paper shop today called Mercedes greatest hits
  18. motec 6.9

    Will never buy a W107

    Sadly I have realised I will never own a W107 SL. It has nothing to do with price . Having regular exposure to this model recently I have come to the realisation that I just do not fit. I have to lean sideways to drive with my head hard against the roof.
  19. motec 6.9

    Supercharger kit for a 6.9

    Well I made some enquiries recently about a supercharger kit for a M100 engine. The complete kit with aftermarket efi intake Magnusson blower and all parts to complete is. $17500 Euro's so $27500 AUD. That is before import tariffs and GST.
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    Tonights Shannons Cars and Coffee Cantberra

    Enjoy these pictures from twilight cars and coffee