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  1. c107

    W126 used bits

    Anyone have a few used bits for W126 they have sitting around they would part with for a reasonable price? I'm a bit sick of being messed around by people parting out cars for some basic requests.... What I am looking for: 1) rear drivers side door striker. I'm going to use it on the front...
  2. c107

    W108/W109 early and late headlights

    I'm putting up some shelves so went through some of my spare parts. This shows the difference between early (1959-69) and late (69-72) headlight types on the W108/W109/W111/W112 models. I wrote an article a couple of years ago which I have also updated to the new photos...
  3. c107

    Rebuilding 6.9 level control valves

    As some of you know, Styria rebuilds the level control valves and the struts for the 6.9. This is a very similar system to the series 1 full hydro system on the W126, and it was later evolved for the series 2. A few of you may be interested to see his setup when it comes to testing his...
  4. c107

    Tyrrell's Classic Garage - R107 500SL YIuHE27eCPU A couple of minor inaccuracies, but otherwise a good video.
  5. c107

    Check the battery tray on your W126

    I just changed the battery on my 560SEL. For a car that has been garaged all its life and I can't find any rust at all, the battery tray was quite nasty. Details here: Basically I removed the tray, cleaned it up with a wire brush...
  6. c107

    Car industry trends towards SUV

    I got this from the car industry analysis twitter feed. Stats are for USA but I think Australia would be similar, probably hatchback higher and pickup lower. The move from sedans, wagons and people carriers to SUVs is stark.
  7. c107

    Youngtimer Sacco Day

    I attended the Youngtimer Sacco day event today. Basically a celebration of the cars designed by Bruno Sacco. Great event and excellent turnout. A few pictures plus click the link for more:
  8. c107

    Rover SD1 Vitesse

    This is a great video of an interesting car: JXJJoP4pFM0
  9. c107

    W126 UK Price and option list

    The 500E board has a great UK spec price and options list for the W126. It is after the move to the soft leather interior, so I guess 1989-1991. File also attached here Some of the options are pretty...
  10. c107

    Bentley T2 and Turbo R

    Another good classic workshop video from Iain Tyrrel. i1Pwe-Pnstg
  11. c107

    BMW will charge owners a subscription fee to use features like heated seats Personally this would not endear me to buying a new BMW.
  12. c107

    The W114/W115 models

    Another interesting video here: HdFRL6dEMo0 Pierre laments the lack of love for the 114/115. And I think he is right that it is probably the least valued of the classic mercedes models. I do think the coupes are in a different class, as is the...
  13. c107

    MBCNSW Drive

    There was a MBCNSW drive with the Rolls Royce club today. I went along and we made a big W126 line up.
  14. c107

    aftermarket wheels

    Pierre Makes some points around aftermarket wheels: IYj7Jzz4txE Thoughts?
  15. c107

    W126 buyers guide

    I have written a W126 buyers guide that can be found here. I welcome all feedback and comments to improve it.
  16. c107

    Virtual car boot sale

    The MBCNSW is having a virtual car boot sale. I didn't have much time to go through my stuff, but this is what I posted in case anything is of interest to people here. All still available. 1) 1986/87 centenery pack for commercial vehicles - $50 2) Factory manual ASR II...
  17. c107

    W126 self leveling struts

    What is everyone doing for self leveling struts on the w126 and other models of the era (W123, W116 etc)? Mercedes Australia equipped the lions share of the cars with self levelling suspension, and my understanding is that at least the W126 struts have been NLA for a couple of years now...
  18. c107

    W126 Tutorials

    There are some really good tutorials here on the W124 500E board. For one reason or another they have a sub board for the C126 coupes and have some great tutorials. Many of these tutorials are equally applicable to the sedan...
  19. c107

    C107's 560SEL

    This car was introduced in the COVID19 projects thread, but I thought it would be worth starting a specific thread on this car. I had to go to the shops today so I went and got the 560 to give it a further drive and take some better photos. Some more thoughts are here...
  20. c107

    560SEC long distance road trip

    Since we're all in hibernation I have posted the story of the time I bought a 560SEC on ebay and drove it home 2400 miles sight unseen.