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    Synthetic Fuels

    Hopefully my new diesel will see me through a few good years before the curtain falls. Had to get a new wagon to go with the new pup; Miss Georgie. Regards, Brian
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    Auto Brunch Event - St Ives

    Ah! The Lancia Beta Berlina, the Flaminia, The Alf 164 Lusso manual - great variety and Bryce does take clear, crisp photos. Many thanks Bryce. Regards, Brian
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    Car of the week

    Now that REALLY is car of the week. No run-flats; no need to park with care; no need to worry about speeding fines; park in a loading zone... If I had room I would truly want this. Imagine the look on the face of the service consultant when you rock up to Mercedes-Benz Sydney and ask for an A...
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    Pininfarina 6.3 Coupe

    That is a very handsome car. Regards, Brian
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    1974 Holden disaster Worth having a look in the next week or so before the IView episode expires. Peter Wherrett is certainly not a fan of the Holden of 1974 and this explains why the Australian public was starting even then to look at different manufacturers. Regards, Brian
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    A flighty Rear End

    Why cure it? Just enjoy your inside devil... I have it on good authority that this is a photo of Sean's performance: Regards, Brian
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    Insurance options

    No parking is shopping centres... Let me tell you; a few years ago Steven took the Spirit to a meeting at Ryde Sport Centre and came back gleefully holding a parking infringement notice. His argument was it was better to get the fine for parking neatly in 2 car spots than get a scratch on the...
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    Want to buy a 6.9?
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    Is the market flat?

    It seems the new car market is quite flat at the moment - or, at least competitive in a way it has not been in the past few years. We went on a preliminary excursion to do pricing today - and always by setting up an appointment in advance. At Mercedes-Benz we were served coffee and pastries and...
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    The Citroen DS

    Par example; c'est La Renault Torino 3.8 litres.
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    The Rover P5/P5B

    Clearly you have never piloted a PV through a car park...…. The PV would make the QE2 quite a sharp lady. Regards, Brian
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    The Rover P5/P5B

    we went to look at and possibly buy a 75 Wagon and I thought it to be a most delightful car; a little slow but smooth and easy to live with. By the time we had decide to proceed with the sale the announcement was made that production would stop. There was a warning sign of pending doom; the...
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    New Member

    No. So wide of the mark; so very, very wide. M.O.T.S. is the true gentilhomme of this site.
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    used car trade in values

    What would I get for this 3 tonne lump of iron, wood, aluminium and cow that lurks at the end of the garage?
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    Oil filters

    Having looked at this I am a bit surprised by the Fram as I thought it would do better: I only use genuine filters but perhaps I should question that as well. I got a free filter with oil I bought for the ML but the filter looked so flimsy that I cut...
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    New 17” & 18” Barocks

    Well, no low profiles on this Lady that lives at in the last 6.3 metres of my garage....
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    My car of the week.

    The ML has just had a wash and given that it will be 20 years old in January I figure it scrubs up OK - actually it is better than the pictures here from the phone show. And yes, that is wear on the leather of the steering wheel; something I will attend to this week. Not scratches on the rear...
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    Run flat madness

    A fiend of mine is down south near Bega in his Continental GT (V12) and has a puncture. The result? Tow truck and order a tyre from Sydney in the hope it arrives in less than 48 hours. Progress? Sheer madness. When I am Supreme Dictator all cars will have real spare wheels and tyres mandated...
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    My ML320 is now touching 19 years and 180,000 kms. Yesterday it went to MBS for its annual service (fluid changes, wheel alignment etc.). The comment from the service manage whom I have known for many years is that the vehicle is in perfect mechanical condition and together we went back through...
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    The Rover P5/P5B

    Dear Michael, we all make errors! I'm in transit so you will have to berate me at another time. Designation is always tricky; it is Shadow and Shadow II but between friends does it really matter? Regards, Brian