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    Aircon re-gas

    For the first time in several years I have had a week off for me and me alone and had a staycation. First on the agenda was my 6.9 whose aircon had gone flat about three years ago. The aircon was rebuilt with a new compressor and lines and conversion by Lyons Airconditioning in Kewdale with...
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    Retrofit LHD USA fan into RHD Hvac system

    This is a previous posting reprinted with photos now posted to - test run to see if that which was lost can be found. Since I purchased my 6.9 (2 1/2 years ago now) I have contended with a squeak at one or other fan speed which this summer has become almost continual and has often...
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    The new "WGB"

    Here are a few photos of the new "WGB" complete with it's plates and a wash today. It has already covered 1330 km in 10 days. It is an S350 - Black with Black interior and Eucalyptus trim. The only options are the dark windows and the 20 inch wheels. Milly is the guard dog. In total the...
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    Diesel Fuel Consumption

    Took the S350 on a shakedown cruise to Donnybrook and back yesterday - approx 450 km. Here is a blurry shot taken with my iphone of the S350 dash as we were nearing home last night. It shows average fuel consumption of 6.2 L/100km. Most of the journey was spent with the cruise control on 113...
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    It's very Black!!!

    I ordered my new CLS500 5 months ago and yesterday I still had no firm date for production let alone delivery and on going into Diesel Motors yesterday I was told I could have a car in December so long as I accepted one of their pre-ordered colours and specs. Robinson last week in Wheels...
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    Au revoir to two loyal and faithful servants

    I said goodbye to two great mates this afternoon. Traded in on two new ones that will arrive in about two months time - we'll see who builds them quicker Sindelfingen or Tuscaloosa. Bill
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    Variety Bash Car

    The Grand lodge of WA is planning on entering a car for this years Variety Bash and we have secured funding to purchase a car and run in the Sydney to Perth event this year. I would dearly love to get my latest 6.9 ready but I think time and reality will preclude this. We are looking at two...
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    Motec modified 6.9

    As some of you will know I succumbed and purchased Motec 6.9's car which had been left sitting under covers for several years. I looked at it and turned to walk away and my son-in-law gave him an offer neither of us could refuse so it is now sitting at my place. I have attempted to start it...
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    Purchase of new honda jazz

    Good choice of car Styria. Here is the little Jazz my late wife and I purchased last year in April - she chose the colour. It was purchased because the second garage in our town house is only 4 metres long and we could only park one big car off road at a time. 15,000km and never missed a...
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    Front Suspension Valve Parts

    Here is the brand new valve as I fitted to my car last year. The boot looks much neater. I still have one new valve in it's packet and have toyed with the idea of getting a boot manufactured but don't really want to butcher a pristine brand new valve. Bill
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    Last pieces of rubber between bum and road

    After a 4 1/2 year odyssey I have now replaced the last bits of rubber between me and the road. I have always blamed the rough low speed ride on my 16 inch wheels because my 450 was always much more pleasant to ride in over low speed bumps but last Saturday I went to take the 6.9 for a reviving...
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    450SEL - wakening after long sleep

    A few photos from today. Colour is on and one coat (of 4) has been applied below the window line. We ran out of day before we cou;ld finish completely. I hope for a pleasant surprise when I come home from work tomorrow. Bill
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    450SEL - wakening after long sleep

    on a fine Saturday in May 2004 I drove past one of the less salubrious pre-owned motor re-allocation consultants and staring out of the heavily used cheap specials was a green 116. I took it for a drive - decided that the lack of power, directional control and retardation along with non working...
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    Life gets curiouser and curiouser

    My 450 SEL has sat gathering dust in it's primer coat for some five years and gradually plugs have fouled and power steering has stopped powering and I have twice purchased the paint but never got going on the top coat. Now that my 6.9 is as good as I will probably get it my thoughts were...
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    Ramblings on hydraulic esoteria

    Now that my 6.9 front struts don't drop overnight and the car stays upright by itself for weeks on end without being started it occurred to me that it must lighten the load on the hydraulic pump. The pump pressure is now really only used for gradual top up and levelling functions whereas with...