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    C107's 560SEL

    Yes, the oil pump let go. Broke internally, not because of debris. Check out the video in the other thread linked below.
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    C107's 560SEL

    Now passed a milestone with the 560.
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    Synthetic Fuels

    Perhaps in the future we will have a 44 gallon drum of eFuel delivered to our homes every now and again to power our classics.
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    W126 used bits

    Thanks, appreciate it. Bryce
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    W126 used bits

    Anyone have a few used bits for W126 they have sitting around they would part with for a reasonable price? I'm a bit sick of being messed around by people parting out cars for some basic requests.... What I am looking for: 1) rear drivers side door striker. I'm going to use it on the front...
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    Octane and Petrol

    Personally I think the ability to refine fuel is something that is in our country’s interest to maintain.
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    C107's 560SEL

    The foot rests are here and make a big difference to the back of the car!
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    Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato C3

    Not the Flamina, but Harry's Garage have a Zagato fulvia which is a really interesting car. I've always thought this model was really striking. They have just started an engine rebuild project: If you don't subscribe to Harry's Garage, you should. None of that nonsense like most...
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    Auto Brunch Event - St Ives

    After not having visited for almost a year due to corona virus, I attended the event today and it was huge.
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    Car of the week

    One for Patrick. The Corona Virus.
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    The Rover P5/P5B

    This P5B coupe is for sale on ebay for $22,500
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    Car of the week

    It would also be cool to see it at the annual Mercedes-Benz club display day/concours.
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    GM Ends ICE Production by 2035

    I think it will be easy for governments to mandate/incent electric cars for all new sales it will be much harder to ban petrol cars because of the size of the existing fleet. They may try a cash for clunkers style programme, but that is just going to thin the herd of ordinary commuter cars...
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    280E Door rubbers and seal

    No worries, good luck with your car. When you get a chance, it would be good to have a thread on your car with a few details about it and a few photos.
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    280E Door rubbers and seal

    Welcome to the website. There are a few places locally like Silver Star in sydney, or you can buy from the USA or Germany. You can also buy directly from the Mercedes classic centre in the USA, the prices are high but you will get the best quality. One thing to bear in mind is that...