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MECHANICALS With a 30 year-old automobile, there will always be discussion here - maintenance, modifications and mechanicals.

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Old 18th July 2008, 10:58 AM
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Default Steering Idler-arm bushes - how do I replace them?

Mine are worn, how do I replace them?

Thanks in advance,

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Old 18th July 2008, 05:40 PM
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Default Re: Steering Idler-arm bushes - how do I replace them?

Its fairly self evident once you get under there. The kit contains new bushes, bolt, nut, washers etc. Just undo the old nut and draw out the old bits. Be warned that the nut is usually torqued to some ridiculous torque, so the only difficulty is usually getting enough leverage on the breaker bar to loosen it. I'm not sure what the actual torque spec is, I dont have my references here with me at work.
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Old 18th July 2008, 11:14 PM
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Default Re: Steering Idler-arm bushes - how do I replace them?

AutohauzAZ sell a kit that replaces the nut, bolt and bushes.

The bushes are rubber with a metal insert.

You need a balljoint splitter to remove the two ball joints from the idler arm and then the nut is undone and the large pin (bolt ) removed.

The idler arm body is welded to the chassis and is non removable.

The old bushes can be pushed, pulled or driven out top and bottom.

New bushes are pulled in with rubber lube and a bolt and nut.

On a 6.9 the original pin was pushed in from above with the nut at the bottom but if you want to replicate this you need to remove the starter motor - from memory. Most RHD 6.9's have the replacement bolt inserted from below with the nut at the top which seems to work fine.

There is a large washer under the idler arm and I think this is used to get the idler arm at the same height as the steering drop arm -so take note when you remove it to see where the thick washer goes.

If you torque up the head of the bolt (if inserted from below) as opposed to the nut use care as I slipped and fractured my right ring finger just as the torque wrench went click - ouch.

Large nut and bolt is torqued to 120Nm and the ball joint nuts to 35nm.

All parts in the steering are very economical to purchase from AutohausAZ so get everything you need before you start and then get one wheel alignment.

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Old 22nd July 2008, 03:49 AM
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Default Re: Steering Idler-arm bushes - how do I replace them?

Hi Bill,

I have always had to partially remove the starter motor in order to remove the long bolt from the assembly.

For some reason, I have always refrained from inserting the replacement bolt from below, and with the starter already out of the way, it seemed somewhat of a folly to depart from original fitment - anyway, that's just my opinion and the way I have done them. Regards Styria
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