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Old 11th February 2011, 06:29 PM
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Default Switch panel

The pictures are from two 6.9s, with similar layouts, but identical problems - and that is the switch panel with the four top switches, the sliding levers and the two rotary dials. Right, what sort of problems can crop up ? Firstly, the rotary dial for the fan operation can at times be very cranky, or just not operate properly at all - you see there is a tiny spring and ball bearing that give you that clicking noise as you turn the dial for the various fan speeds and these can become dislodged or the spring simply breaks. The next annoying item can be the tiny light bulbs that simply won't light up and they should obviously be replaced.

The third problem is dismantling the whole panel in order to replace a rotary dial, and it is the top unit (for the fan) that causes all manner of frustrations - or I should say, the cable behind it that runs to the lever on the fan that's behind the glovebox, as well as the thick wiring loom that is fitted to the back of the switch - the plugs face the wrong way causing all manner of loom contortion. The real problem, however, is that cable. Honestly, it can drive one to distraction especially as there is no fixed position for that switch. It is free floating until held in place by the large nut which holds it to the back switch panel. Honestly, that cable has to be manhandled and attached to a fragile switch panel, especially if damage has been caused by previous ham fisted installers.

I spent hours on these two jobs, and I must have removed each panel God knows how often because the various components would not fit properly, and the heavy cable kept turning the switch away from its correct position time and again. Time - there was no change out of one day. Of course, you have the added complication of the four upper switches, the optic cables for the sliding levers and illumination of the switches. All very clever, but oh boy - where is the guy that designed this nightmare. Regards Styria

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Old 11th February 2011, 09:47 PM
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Default Re: Switch panel

There is an even more simple problem and that is that the flats in the holes of the plastic backing plate round out and stop the fan switch from stopping at it's correct detents on the dial.

I have rebuilt the rotary fan control on my 6.9 using parts from an old unusable unit as my spiral track was damaged and the cable would stick half way. The extra pressure of trying to turn a jammed fan switch probably also contributed to rounding off the positioning flat.

The other major problem I have had in both my cars is getting it all back together again with all the little bulbs and fibre-optic links in the correct place.

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Old 12th February 2011, 04:45 AM
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Default Re: Switch panel

I had already written on this subject back in September of 2010, and with a bit of luck this should be the link to it.

In due course, I'll have a couple more posts to add on. I agree with you, Bill, regarding the positioning of the fan/speed dial - another problem with those is the fact that the little light bulb loses power to it simply because two very thin wires pull away from the back of the bulb holder. Picture to follow in due course. Regards Styria

N.B. Sorry guys, it just doesn't seem to want to work - despite my best efforts. Maybe someone clever can fix this.

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