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Old 21st January 2019, 06:23 PM
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Default Magazines, Magazines.........

I have been collecting Car Magazines and Books for many a years, spanning back to the early '70s - maybe even earlier. Anyway, I have decided to place them on the open market. Initially to any of my fellow TK members, to be followed by advertising on ebay. The magazines on offer are:

CLASSIC - first published in December, 1973
Thoroughbred and Classic - with the Green Cover, and

I am not certain if any of the above magazines were published by the same Company, nor do I know at what point there may have been a change over of name, if at all. In total there are 260 magazines on offer, and ideally it would be great if all could be purchased by the one buyer. All Magazines are in excellent, unmarked condition and honestly, the content and tests, and feature articles, many in beautiful colour, are something to behold. It is a remarkable library to be treasured.

In the UK, and their Ebay Section, the prices vary between about 4 pounds sterling, and seven to eight per copy, but it is the postage that's the killer and that's where my eventual asking price will make a lot of sense and perhaps compelling buying. Postage varies between eight and twenty two pounds sterling. All the ones I have seen advertised are fairly recent copies - I did not see a single one as old as prior to the mid eighties. I would imagine, the older the more valuable. Now, I can't give these away "cheaply", but will entertain reasonable and fair offers. I realize that I may have to split up the various years, but will consider that option if it was to become necessary. Hereunder, in the next post, I will endeavour to post precise details of the magazines on hand. Regards Styria

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Old 23rd January 2019, 07:30 PM
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Default Re: Magazines, Magazines.........

Okay, I am indeed sorry that it has taken me forty eight hours to finally compile the full list for the second time. After near completion, I pressed the wrong key and it just simply disappeared. Could not save it. So, here goes.

1973 December - 1st date of publication.

1974 February to December. 11 copies, but January missing.

1975 January to December. May and June (2 copies) 14 magazines

1976 January to December. December 2 copies 13 magazines

1977 January to December. 12 magazines

1978 January to December. 12 magazines

1979 January to December, but February missing. 11 magazines

1980 January to December. 6 Mags. double. 18 magazines

1981 January to December. 12 magazines

1982 January to December, but missing May and February. However, five
copies double. Hence 15 magazines for this year.

1983 January to December. Feb. May. Nov. double. 15 magazines

1984 January to December. December double. 13 magazines

1985 January to December. Mar Apr May Aug Dec. double. 17 mags

1986 January to December. August missing. Feb may Jun Jul
Sep Oct. all double. 17 magazines

1987 January to December complete. May Aug double 14 mags

1988 January to November. Missing Apr Jun Dec. January double

1989 January to December. Missing June and July. May Apr double

1990 January to December. Jan May Jul double 15 magazines

1991 January to December. April and December missing. 10 mags

1992 January to December, but missing Feb Sep Oct Dec. but
April and Aug. double

By this stage, I decided to basically no longer purchase the magazines. Too much doubling up - they were running out of cars, plus I no longer wanted to spend the necessary "dooley". However, I have these eight magazines stretching from January 1993 to January 2014.

Regards Styria - more details to follow.
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