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Old 31st January 2020, 08:18 AM
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Default Re: Scotty Kilmer

Well Patrick, I'll leave that part up to you. Sure enough, we have the knockers, but there is one example I would like to illustrate as to why "I" think his contributions can be useful. As you know, I have been very happy with my Captiva, but in due course I will have to give consideration to replacing her. The SUV I have in mind is the Honda CR/V. Forget engines, there are varying opinions about on various websites regarding the "old" 2.4 or the latest 1.5 litre Turbo. As I said, don't worry about their characteristics.

The choice with the CR/V in simple terms is either 2 wheel front only or 4 wheel drive, and those specifications attract different purchase values. Now, I am the sort of person that wants as many features as possible, so I have always felt that I would want four wheel drive, but remembering that I would never take a car like the Honda off road, so really I would be wasting good money in opting for the four wheel drive arrangements. That's easy enough to understand, but Kilmer puts a different slant on the two choices. He has suggested in one of his videos that the rear differential is prone to premature wear and "why would you want to waste your money on something that you're not likely to explore at any time" and possibly incur "additional mechanical repairs" on a feature you don't need.

Now, not many people will tell you about this. Honda ? No. Second hand Car Dealer ? No. So I would be prepared to accept his knowledge and judgement. Regards Styria
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