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Old 19th December 2018, 06:24 PM
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Default Stag

Perhaps not everyone is familiar with this product. I went to two stores, namely Repco and Autobarn located at Dural in NSW, and initially two salesmen (one at each store) had never heard of the product. I had used this product many years ago when I was rebuilding Rover V8s, as well as the 3 litre 6cylinder version when fitting new welsh plugs to engine blocks and also heads.

Anyway, I needed another tube of this rusty coloured sealant and hot footed it to Repco in the first place - I chose them for no particular reason - maybe perhaps, thinking that they would be bound to have the product in stock. After some searching, they did in fact locate the only one unit on their shelves. I said I'd have it, and bought a couple of other products, the whole lot totalling $66.00 odd dollars. I started thinking - woo, hold on, what am I buying and and how does it add up to that figure ? Anyway, after consulting their PC, the STAG clocked in at $29.99 for the tube. Hold it - I am not paying $29.99 - that's crazy. I knocked back the sale, plus some electrical tape also overpriced to buggery.

It just so happened that Autobarn were virtually in the same factory block, thirty meters up the road. In I go, do you have Stag? Ah, let me check - never heard of it ! Anyway, another salesman had heard of the product and advised that there would be one on the shelf, priced at.....wait.....$19.99.

The moral of the story - check before you buy as there are just so many blatant rip-offs doing the rounds. If you can get away with it.......!! Regards Styria

N.B........hit them hard. I mean, ten dollars difference and they would be working on a mark-up of at least 100%.

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Old 19th December 2018, 06:27 PM
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Default Re: Stag

It's only money 😋
Research more post less.
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Old 20th December 2018, 10:09 AM
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Smile Re: Stag

Stag .....I remember that in the olden days (as my Grandchildren say.)
Surly modern Gasket sealants have moved on. Michael ???
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