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Old 13th January 2015, 06:17 AM
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Default A foul apple ?

Some years ago, I got stung by Telstra for a punitive amount of $400.00 merely by changing over within their structure, despite assurances prior to changing that there was no penalty applicable. This was a phone deal, and ever since I stopped purchasing any of their products. This then brings me to Apple.

As a birthday present two years ago, I was given the latest iPad by my boys. Its capacity is a nominal 16GB. I called in to one of the Apple Help Centres the other day as I was unable to sync it with my PC. The message was that "there is insufficient capacity to sync the phone". So when I went to the Centre, I was told that it was my gallery (370 pics.) that was taking me close to being over capacity. The assistant advised me that I would have to sync. the iPad, but she also ventured the opinion that "at two years, the iPad is nowsomewhat old technology". Brilliant. Anyway, home I went to try and sync., but there was no option to actually do this. Well, in frustration, I decided to phone the Apple Company Helpline.

I got onto some chap located somewhere in Asia, and he was clearly singing from a hymn sheet, to soften me up for the kill. You know, how did you get your iPad, are you happy with it, we give you three months warranty, is the sun shining in Australia, or are you phoning from America, the sort of garbage that they are reading from. Anyway, we would be very happy to assist and advise you if you would contact us within three months of purchase, but outside that period, we have a scheme to assist customers like yourself with a maintenance programme to help you enjoy our products. You can choose from twelve months, up to five years, and you will be able to ring us anytime for advice. Basically, that was the spiel. So, I asked what were the charges ? If you choose five years, it will only be $414.00, or for twelve months, $175.00. Just to confirm, I asked him directly if he would be able to provide technical advice, or would I have to pay first ? Yes, you pay first, then we help you.

That signalled the end of the phone call and, quite frankly, loss of interest in purchasing an Apple product at future times. Optus and HTC (a superior phone in any case to the Apple i4) do not charge for technical advice. I mean, why would I engage in a five year maintenance contract when it has been indicated that a two year old iPad already falls into the obsolete category and, furthermore, if you want technical advice, one is hard pressed to comprehend the operator located in Asia. One other thought - the question of the originating call - America or Australia ? I wonder if Aussies pay extra because, in my view, corporations regard Australia as a happy hunting ground for demanding excessive payment for goods and services. Anyway, that's my experience for all it is worth, but I am afraid it does not come with an Apple recommendation. Regards Styria
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Old 13th January 2015, 07:50 AM
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Default Re: A foul apple ?

Yes they are frustrating at times and you can certainly voice your opinion through your next purchase. Most plans last two years and at the end of that period people tend to upgrade. Not that it's 'old', it's just that there's been many function changes since then which usually make the device more user-friendly and enjoyable.

My girlfriend has an iPhone but is now thinking of a Samsung because her plan had expired, it looks better, appears to have better functions and as many people have reported it's not locked into using iTunes which can be difficult to operate as you have experienced. However changing phones means it'll be a very frustrating time learning to use a new device where previously it's like second nature.

My theory is always back things up, use a good virus scanner, try to delete the unnecessary, defragment when I remember and always download new firmware when available.

BTW my desktop computer is 10 years old and still works better than most laptops..... (I hope I didn't mozz myself)!

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Old 13th January 2015, 07:51 AM
sean sherry sean sherry is offline
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Cool Re: A foul apple ?

Yes Styria , too smart for their own good. Telstra trickery... Your Phone contract is due to expire Sir.. would you like to renew it ? Yes, it is fine for my needs. Next Bill shows a cancellation charge .. An irate phone call to them pointing out that I did not request a cancellation met with stone walling. After telling them , as politely as possible , to stick their services , the charge was eventually refunded.

Warranty issues with Mercedes Dealers.... call the customer Service in Melbourne.
Insurance Companies.... Phone Companies.... all tared with the same Brush

Loudest squeak gets the most oil.....
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Old 13th January 2015, 07:56 AM
BenzBoy BenzBoy is offline
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Default Re: A foul apple ?

We know we pay extra in Australia - that has been the subject of a government inquiry but it is probably not going to change in the short term.

After 2 years your IPad is not out of date - don't fall for the advertising hype that is trying to encourage you to buy the latest (and almost the same) version.

Your problem is that you are using the IPad to store photos and you will be able to free up space and increase operating speed if you down load them to your PC and delete them from the IPad.

If you have ITunes on your PC you will be able to download. I never keep photos on either my camera or IPad - I download to keep the memory of the portable device clear.

Alternatively you can go back into an Apple store and ask at the Genius Bar what you need to do to download photos to your PC. That is probably the quickest way to go -

You really need someone to do it for you. Do you have anyone to help? Preferably someone younger than 15 ......
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Old 13th January 2015, 09:10 AM
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Default Re: A foul apple ?

Yeah it's this sort of stuff that has meant I usually steer right away from Apple products. Quite a few of my family members do have iPhones and iPods etc, they seem to like them, but it's just not for me.

Plus I'm a tinkerer, which the Apple way of doing things is fairly incompatible with
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