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Old 27th September 2018, 06:02 PM
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Default Re: Rover 3500S Rebuild

I have forgotten whose Ch. 109 (6.3 - 3.5) was sitting in front of my garage. Well spotted by yourself, it is indeed a 450SEL parked across the road. That was a car owned by the second in charge of the Mount Kosciosko (that doesn't look right so please forgive me) trust. I met him when we went to Harrietville to stay for three or four nights, but a heavy rainstorm, accompanied by thunder and lightning proved too much for Julie, and we started getting ready at four in the morning to return home. It was all too much for the old girl.

Anyway, the man from the mountain chased me all over Bright (beautiful township in Victoria) after he had spotted Gleaming Beauty parked in the street and followed me to the tyre service centre I had gone to to have a small matter attended to. He told me about the resto of his 450 (very nice) but it lacked a good interior. I happened to have one on hand and his secretary brought his car to Sydney and I changed over the complete interior.

The next PDF picture illustrate the Rover 3500S and Gleaming Beauty at the Orange Blossom festival Concours at the Bull and Bush in Baulkham Hills. I managed to snare 1st (the 'S") and 3rd (GB) overall on the day. Outright !! You may also notice the different Radiator Grille treatment which in this picture is the correct egg crate grille. I replaced that with an Alloy Grille as shown in the previous picture after the accident.
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Old 27th September 2018, 11:22 PM
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Smile Re: Rover 3500S Rebuild

I am still following this project with a great deal of interest.
I remember the car coming back from Canberra, because I followed it back to Glenorie, towing another Rover on a trailer behind Styria's Captiva.

I am going to make a special appointment to look at at the current state of work.
I would look forward to that.

With this post, I am currently at the Villa La Palagina, Tuscany, Italy.
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Old 28th September 2018, 04:38 PM
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Default Re: Rover 3500S Rebuild

Nice to hear from you David. For the unknowing, David is slaving away in Europe to try and maintain his lavish lifestyle. The lucky bugger, he never offered to take me along.

Now, getting back to tin tacs, so to speak. The next three pics show my 1966 Mark III, with its now all too familiar (!) colour scheme. These pics were taken prior to quite a bit of work having been done since.MyCars No. 3.pdf

Take note of the engine/gearbox assembly sitting on the fully movable subframe. By lifting the car high enough with a block and tackle, the whole assembly can just be moved under the car, and then be secured with six substantial bolts that secure the subframe to the body of the car. Take note of the engine, together with the four speed box and the electric overdrive. A very substantial unit. If one wants to remove the box/o/d assembly, this is done by removing the front seats and gearbox tunnel, and lifting it out through the door. In my younger days easily done, but nowadays.......Also note the wrapping on one of the torsion bars. The tension of those can be adjusted from the middle of the car at the back of the subframe. Regards Styria

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