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MERCEDES W107 The R/C107 coupe and roadster from 1971-1989 (280SL, 280SLC, 300SL, 350SL, 350SLC, 380SL, 380SLC, 420SL, 450SL, 450SLC, 450SLC 5.0, 500SL, 500SLC, 560SL)

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Old 14th September 2012, 07:40 PM
sean sherry sean sherry is offline
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Question carpet fit

Mechanical and even electrics I can sort out , but body and interior are not my strong points. I had a new boot carpet made , an exact copy of the origonal, it's the straight piece that is glued to the metal panel which covers the petrol tank .It curves vertically and horisontaly at each end I have not been able to glue it wrinkle free at the right side. Is there some secret to this , a hot air stream or a trip to a good Trimmer ?.........Sean ..... '80 280 SL

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Old 14th September 2012, 08:09 PM
Tony66_au's Avatar
Tony66_au Tony66_au is offline
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Default Re: carpet fit

Id have a chat to an auto upholsterer Sean, I seem to recall steam being used to make stuff fit properly.
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Old 14th September 2012, 08:49 PM
Oversize's Avatar
Oversize Oversize is offline
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Default Re: carpet fit

Well I'm no auto trimmer but I know there's an art to using contact adhesives! You MUST wait until it's tacky and almost dry. And when applying most flexible material to a surface if you start at a corner, you'll end up with all sorts of issues. You need to start with a whole side, which probably involves having more than one person to do the job

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Old 14th September 2012, 08:55 PM
Tony66_au's Avatar
Tony66_au Tony66_au is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Gippsland, Vic
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Default Re: carpet fit

True Dat!

But its also a matter of changing the shape slightly sometimes............

Even moulded carpets need massaging sometimes and boot carpets maybe more so.
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Old 15th September 2012, 05:46 AM
Styria's Avatar
Styria Styria is offline
The Godfather
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Default Re: carpet fit

Sean, as Mark quite correctly points out, the two surfaces need to be almost touch dry before you join them together. We use an industrial spray glue and it is really the only best way of gluing carpet material. If you could remove the panel from the car, and bring it to my home, I'll get the job done for you.

Incidentally, talking about good trimmers. Short story. Guy across the road just bought a second hand C200 Compressor with soft top - 2007 model. A main Mercedes premium dealer refused a warranty claim (after two months of purchase) on a roof problem. The roof is operated by an enclosed cable that runs inside a heat pressed flap (by the factory) which acts as a glue. Well, the "glue" let go over a stretch of about fifteen centimeters at the side of the rear glass window. So when the roof was erected, there was an 'air gap' where the material had let go. The dealer said "sorry, you're on your own" (the car cost him $60K.), so the guy approached a "CLASSIC something" upholsterer who advised that the soft top would have to be removed at a cost of $1300.00 to correct the problem. We solved the problem for him by invisible stitching, at a cost of $50.00. However, only time will tell if this is going to work on a permanernt basis. My phone number ? 0428-50-1800. Regards Styria
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Old 15th September 2012, 11:13 AM
260ebenz's Avatar
260ebenz 260ebenz is offline
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Default Re: carpet fit

Carpet and trim for a Mercedes sounds like a job for TK Member Parks.
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