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TALKING TORQUE Feel free to discuss your Driving Experience in all other models as well!

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Old 29th June 2020, 03:01 PM
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Default The W114/W115 models

Another interesting video here:

Pierre laments the lack of love for the 114/115. And I think he is right that it is probably the least valued of the classic mercedes models. I do think the coupes are in a different class, as is the 280E, and I made those comments on his website.

Having said all that, I have never really appreciated this car. I find its styling awkward and I am not really a fan of the interiors. Even the coupe that gets a lot of love I find the rear window treatment and the long boot problematic, much different to the quite pretty 123 coupe.

Over the years, Mercedes has struggled with the major design languages changes, and in my view most of the time they do it, it results in a rather awkward model.

I'll probably now offend a bunch of people, but I find the W110 awkward, in the change to the rounder bodies to the design of the 111/112/113/108/109/100 models.

Same way I find the 114, as a transition from the models listed above to the 107/116/123/126 etc I find it lacking.

I also have the same view of the W210 later on. It has the upright sides of the older models with the curved front. Later models softened this like the CLKs or the SLs for example.
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