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Old 9th November 2017, 07:24 PM
BenzBoy BenzBoy is offline
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Default A250 4-Matic Sport

Well I've had one of these, almost brand new, for the last week as a service loan vehicle and it was with some degree of satisfaction that I handed it back today and brought home my trusty ML. Getting back into the ML was like putting on a pair of comfortable boots; the fit is just right and everything is where it should be.
I was grateful to have the loan of the A250 with every conceivable accessory added but perhaps cars have moved on and I have not ....
Yes, it was a little pocket rocket and handled so easily but the motor is coarse compared to my Peugeot GTi6. Perhaps it would be a better car with a smoother Japanese motor or a few more Ks on the odo. I would kind of like it with a small inline 6.
Yes, the seating was comfortable, the stereo DAB radio superb and the fit and finish was exemplary. But, BUT: I needed the reverse camera to look out the rear, sideways vision was poor, the cabin was a tight fit and the convex mirrors did little to allow the driver to accurately assess distances.
Yes, the sunroof was nice; the gear paddles were delightful to use ....BUT
the ergonomics were a disaster with a speedo that reads up to 260 k in increments that were difficult to read; the dash reflected badly in the windscreen in full sun and I soon found the switch to turn off the eco-stop function. Leave that switch on and the damned thing rumbled when it started at every traffic light and the start was not quite instant.
The ride around the potholes of the inner city was sharp on the low profile tyres and the bloody front park sensors screamed at every speedhump that inner-city councils love - that is until I turned it off.
A nice car but not one I would want to live with; guess though I am not in the age bracket that it's aimed at. Oh, and imitation leather upholstery and carbon fibre dash trim? Really? And those aluminium I said; cars have moved on and I have not.
Last week I had a C250 wagon which was much better and more satisfying except it was crying out for a proper inline 6 engine to give the expected smoothness.
I called into another garage today to check on the progress of the PV for Sunday and a crusty old mechanic looked at the A250 and muttered something about MB milking the brand. I think I agree.
The GTi6 is a better piece of engineering even if trim bits fall like rain on a rough road...
Real men drive a 6 speed manual.

Last edited by BenzBoy; 9th November 2017 at 07:26 PM.
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