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Old 20th September 2016, 06:39 AM
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Default Re: Intergrated Phone

Sean, you amaze me. Once you have a Smartphone, you would ask yourself why you would ever persevere with an old mobile phone. Even Julie now has a Huawei G8 Smartphone, and absolutely loves it. Her cost is $40.00 per month and we have chosen Vodafone as our Provider. No Telstra for us/me ever since they slugged me $400.00 to change networks within their own system about six years ago - maybe even a bit longer, after I had been told that there would be no charge.

You just have to be prudent in choosing your Smartphone. As a rule, we always want to have the latest and greatest, and what's where companies like Samsung and Apple get you - forget the idea of paying $80.00 to $100.00 per month - they are just getting to you for very, very little extra benefit, if any. I have already mentioned Julie's Huawei, whilst I have a HTC1 X9 at a monthly cost of &47.00 which gives me unlimited local calls, at least $120 or minutes of overseas calls, Internet etc.etc. Honestly, take the plunge. As Isaid,you won't know yourself. Regards. Styria
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Old 20th September 2016, 08:40 AM
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Default Re: Intergrated Phone

Many thanks Michel. I will wait and see what December 1 brings. I guess I am stuck in a rut and I will freely admit that with a lot of things these Days I just don't want to know. Am I slowly fading into the sunset? I do now realise that both physical and emotional energy go hand in hand. But I can't complain, my health is well under control, and as I have a young wife to look after me ...
Bev is not in her eighties till next year ! All men should be so lucky.

Looking forward to the Mercedes Concourse and hoping to catch up.

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