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MECHANICALS With a 30 year-old automobile, there will always be discussion here - maintenance, modifications and mechanicals.

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Old 21st July 2009, 06:09 AM
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Default Removal - 6.9 rear suspension valve

Has anyone had any actual experience relating to the removal of the above valve ? For quite some time now, Gleaming Beauty has lost rear suspension pressure overnight, with the rear suspension valve leaving hydraulic oil deposits on the floor, but I never really worried about it unduly as she would always pump up fairly readily once the car was started up.

Eventually, I wanted to attend to this problem, and did so the other day. Again, I'd jack up the car, and switch the disc on the distribution valve to the maintenance position. However, this time when loosening the various pipe fittings, there was still pressure in the system, with hydraulic oil spraying out in all directions, including my face - lovely. Anyway, eventually the pressure "ran out of puff" and I was then able to fully undo all of the fittings.

Tools required are minimal -an 11mm claw spanner (must have) and a very much shortened 7/16" open ender as access to the unions is considerably restricted by the exhaust system and the differential mount. Having the 7/16" open ender assists in getting an 'easy fit' in order to turn the retaining (unions) nuts. Luckily enough, all four nuts were undamaged as it was the first time in fourteen years of ownership I have had to touch that valve. Very impressive. I strongly urge the use of the claw spanner - those nuts can be very tight to undo, and use of a conventional open ender can easily result in those nuts being rounded off, with subsequent removal/refitting problems.

It took quite some time and some test driving to get the connecting rod adjustment correct to attain the specified height - in Gleaming Beauty's case, the rear end had been too low for too long, with subsequent wear on the inside of both tyres. Replacement of the valve has eliminated the dropping of the rear suspension. Mind you though, having my nose under the car has revealed a couple of other little issues, such as a leaking drive shaft bellow and a leaking strut. Looks like more work coming up, and not jobs to look forward to.

As far as the strut is concerned, it will give me the opportunity (not that I want it) to test the effectiveness of one of my rebuilt struts - I have probably about ten to choose from. Will keep you posted.

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