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Old 3rd June 2018, 10:15 AM
sean sherry sean sherry is offline
Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: sydney
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Question good used Cars

Recently sold my 2015 VW Golf for $3250 more than best Trade in Offer.
Elderly Neighbour asked me how best to buy a new Honda Civic. Trade in a
308 Peugeot 2013 model with only 19,000Ks or sell privately.
Cost $30,000 and perhaps worth around half that now ???
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Old 3rd June 2018, 11:48 AM
c107's Avatar
c107 c107 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2013
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Default Re: good used Cars

Unless the dealer is trying to flog a car that is hard to shift, its nearly always better to privately sell your car. Selling a car is a pain, hence it can be easier to just trade it in if the price differential is not massive.
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Old 3rd June 2018, 04:28 PM
sean sherry sean sherry is offline
Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: sydney
Posts: 1,281
Unhappy Re: good used Cars

Yes Bryce , both our neighbours need to sell and buy. Both Women have been left holding the baby. They are fearful of the kind of People who may come to their House. Understandable . Are Dealers the last Bastion of Male Chauvinists Pigs when dealing with vulnerable Women ???
I have sold many cars myself and if I don't like the look and manner of someone I simply tell them the car has been Sold. A difficult call even for a Man. One Lady has now elected to sell through Pickles Auctions and has taken my advice to spruce the Golf up to present as well as possible. We only get one chance at a first impression.
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Old 8th June 2018, 03:14 PM
Oversize's Avatar
Oversize Oversize is offline
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Melbourne
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Default Re: good used Cars

Selling anything is a PITA and I can see why many don't bother and so much 'good stuff' ends in landfill or is pillaged by scavengers and sold.

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Old 8th June 2018, 07:18 PM
Styria's Avatar
Styria Styria is offline
The Godfather
Join Date: Feb 2008
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Default Re: good used Cars

I think the secret is choosing the right brand in the first place. It is probably fair to say that most brands will lose about 45% of their purchase price over a three year period. One should also consider the price range of one particular model between various "versions" and what extras the Companies have loaded the various models with. Without being able to quote 100% totally correct figures, a Mazda 3 can probably vary in price between say $20K. and shall we say $31K. ?

We have the Honda Jazz that, to all intents and purposes, is highly sought after. We paid $21K. for a genuine Japanese model, but they only gave us $4K. for a beautifully kept Gen.3 V8 Statesman. We easily lost two to three grand. Yet, when I enquired some two years ago with a Honda Dealer regarding trade in value on a Showroom Special HRV, they offered "about 6-7K. on the Jazz. Yet, there are any number of the 2013 model still being advertised for at least $10K., if not more, two years later. Go figure. I think once you're out of warranty, you're up against it, but low mileage and an impeccable service record are a must for top price. One also needs to consider the perceived cost of spares and repairs for an older type of luxury brand - the ones that come to mind are, unfortunately of course, the Europeans, namely Mercedes, Audi and BMW ( both in particular) and then Citroens, Peugeot et al. So, I guess it is a mug's game, as long as you are personally not the mug. Regards Styria
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