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Old 20th November 2011, 10:31 AM
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Default Replacing strut mounts - 6.9

Strut mounts, both front and rear, can be a much neglected and overlooked item when it comes to assessing the mechanical condition, and in due course, replace those mounts. Incidentally, I have had those rebuilt for a number of years now on account of the cost and/or availability of new units from Mercedes Benz.

Removal is not easy - they are quite simply not user friendly for two reasons. Firstly, the mounts themselves only have two 'flats' to use a badly fitting 22mm open ender......

The second problem is the cup itself - in this case, the front strut details are illustrated. Note the dish in the cup itself...

That is the 'design' (very unfriendly user wise) as it really 'hides' the flats of the mount, making it difficult to engage the spanner. Good luck with undoing it. Really, what Mercedes should have done is to have the indent in the cup flat - if you know what I mean. When reassembling, one could consider interposing a correct size washer to level up the surface. Careful attention MUST be paid to ensure sufficient engagement of the threaded portion of the mount. It is recommended if a washer is used, to use loctite to ensure that the mount does not unscrew itself from the strut. Regards Styria
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