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Old 5th January 2011, 11:09 AM
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Default Mercedes Dealer surprise

Well yesterday whilst running the aircon in my 180E I suddenly heard what had been an annoying noise turn into a high pitch squeal which didn't go away when I turned the aircon off. So up with bonnet and I discovered a very tired, shiny worn ancillary belt which appears to almost be slipping despite the tensioner doing it's job.

So I rung Autobarn, they could get me one for $81 a little steep for a belt but hey when you need it you need it. Repco were $71 but I'd have to wait 3 days for it to get to Wagga Wagga. So this morning I headed to the Mercedes dealer in Wagga I know what your thinking at this point.......

$51.50 plus GST none in stock but it will be here tomorrow and would you like us to drop it at your house Sir? Now that's a big difference in anyone's book on pricing so I decided to compare a couple of other parts. The oil filter, plugs, airfilter and fuel filter all genuine are cheaper than any other supplier in Wagga Wagga and they are genuine parts. So I guess never assume anything give a dealer a call I have been pleasantly surprised this morning and the customer service is outstanding to say the very least.

420SEL 1989 395000km "Governor":
E220 CAB 1996 136,000km "Maryilin":
S280 1996 159,000km "Black Princess"
C250 2011 52,200km "Storm"
E230 1996 230,000km
230 1969 609,000km approx "Stella"
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Old 5th January 2011, 12:23 PM
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Default Re: Mercedes Dealer surprise

You have done very well there Mat and by the sounds of it MB Wagga's service was second to none!

I have rung MB for parts it's called a 'hold your breath', moment waiting for a price but to MB credit the price was excellent and I can strongly recommend my local MB Dealership there service is brilliant!

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Old 5th January 2011, 08:07 PM
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Default Re: Mercedes Dealer surprise

Hi Mat, your story certainly does not surprise me. Autobarn, Repco and even Supercheap are now specializing in catching the unwary or ignorant. I have been aware of this for a long, long time and it is not often that I patronize any of those stores. To those three names you can also safely add K-Mart and Bunnings.

Like they get you in with the odd specials, but I see well past those. I endeavour to purchase from a small Auto retailer at Wentworthville, and because you can strike up a good understanding, prices become competitive. You did well with some of those items, but I daresay you'd do a fair bit better with after market suppliers of the Mercedes product. Mind you, if we switch our attention to the 116 and 107 range, especially the 6.9, the Oz dealers' prices are absolutely scary - and then again, look at ignition module prices for the 560SEL or the computer unit for the suspension of the R189 (the successor to the 107), and you are in sky high territory - as you well know. Regards Styria

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Old 27th November 2011, 07:39 PM
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Default Re: Mercedes Dealer surprise

Always pays do deal with someone that deals in what you own
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Old 28th November 2011, 06:29 PM
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Default Re: Mercedes Dealer surprise

I call my local dealer as a matter of course but on non service items he can be way over the mark.

Rear wheel bearings, 230TE (124) from the dealer nearly $700 and a 7 day lead time, MB Spares $215 for an FAG item delivered by 11 am next day.

Flex coupling for the same car $115 from MB Spares over night, $287 from the dealer 2 day lead time.

Tune and service bits for same 230TE (M102) inc fuel filter, leads, plugs dizzycap and rotor etc from BitzforBenz half price compared to the dealer.

I did price W201 bits and they were cheaper and in stock at the dealer but not by much so I now assume that for genuine bits later model yr 2000 onwards the dealer is a safe bet but for earlier parts go the Indy parts guys.

I don't buy Non genuine.

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