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EXTERIORS & BODY REPAIRS Bring your beloved back to its former glory - or just polish the chrome some more!

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Old 25th June 2019, 06:09 PM
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Default Custom Ford Mustang

Spotted in a swanky hotel car park in Bangkok. I was there for dinner at the rooftop restaurant with a customer.

Not the first car I would have imagined with such a paint job

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Old 25th June 2019, 06:11 PM
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Default Re: Custom Ford Mustang

I donít mind it.
The ears are cool
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Old 25th June 2019, 06:54 PM
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Default Re: Custom Ford Mustang

Oh the horror!

01 Ford AU 5L (Deep Blue)
88 420L Euro#-P
88 420L#-P
88 420L#2477-P
87 560L#2020 (Dora 2)
87 560L #9987
87 420L#4309-P
87 420L#-P
86 560L#5896-P
79 6.9#5541 (Red Bull)
78 6.9#4248 (Skye)
79 6.9#3686 (Moby Dick)
78 6.9#1776 (Dora 1)
77 450L#7010-P
75 450L#8414 (Gold Nugget)-P
57 Buick 73A (Titanic)
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Old 27th June 2019, 12:33 AM
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Default Re: Custom Ford Mustang

Not really a deep gleam in the paint makes me think that the entire car may be plastic wrapped.
Owners of new high priced cars sometimes do this.
I have seen a brand new Maserati entirely plastic wrapped, in a cream pearl white, the car to be sold three years after purchase, the wrap removed, and showroom fresh paint is revealed.

My E55 has a pearl silver wrap on the roof, that matches the silver finish leather inserts in the seats. I had it done to stop the black car absorbing some heat on a sunny day. The next owner is free to remove the wrap and reveal the original paint if he wishes.

It's just that I hate black cars with a passion.
Ten reasons why the owner may be eventually annoyed with a black car:
1. Interior of the car is hotter on a hot day.
2. That means the air conditioner has to run more often.
3. In doing so, robs 4kW of engine power.
4. Burns extra fuel in doing so.
5. Black cars a bit harder to see at night than white cars.
6. Hairline scratching much harder to find with white cars.
7. Dirt and dust more obvious on black cars.
8. Because of this, black cars require more effort to keep a really nice appearance with buffing and polish.
9. When in a garage, a black car more often needs a dust cover to keep it looking really nice.
10.It can be an annoying bind to carefully put a dust cover over the slippery surface of a nicely polished black car, without putting extra hairline scratches in the paint. If the dust cover slips off the car while trying to put it on, it needs to be thoroughly shaken out.

I am sure that some of us can think of more reasons.

I have heard a Mercedes new car salesmen saying smugly:
"Oh, yes, but people prefer black cars".
I am a complete loss to understand why, after explaining my experiences.

So plastic wrap black cars instead. Henry Ford was wrong.
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