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SNIPPETS, ODDITIES AND TRAVEL Share your holiday and travel experiences here - whether it be to another town or to another country, or unusual items of interest.

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Old 4th April 2009, 12:58 AM
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The other day, my oldest son (Mutha Parka on topklasse), his boy and myself needed to go to Maitland as the little guy needed to be graded for Tae Kwon Do - don't really know how to spell it. We used his HSC Commodore - a very comfortable and fast means of economical conveyance - 8.7 litres/100 kms - but that's all neither here nor there.

Without malice, I almost got the feeling that it was a bit like a ghost town. We were there on a Saturday afternoon and, honestly, the street was almost totally berift of people and life. Maybe that's just how it is supposed to be, but it was nevertheless strange.

However, I did spot some interesting and stately looking buildings reminding one perhaps of more prosperous days of aa earlier era ? Just have a look...

...this is the stately Council and Town Hall building....

I know, the next pic. is NOT that of a building, but the mightiest tree I have ever seen - even the branches up on top were like tree trunks..

.....okay, back to the street....even the pub could not be spared..

...even the car dealer has seen better times...

Mind you, religion still has it - magnificently preserved catholic staff retrear - nuns, I think..

The Antiques Shop was absolutly 'chockers' with so many beautiful, and beautifully expensive items and one could have spent hours in that shop...

Last, but not least, the little fellow strutting his stuff...


Thanks for looking - Regards Styria
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Old 17th May 2009, 08:00 PM
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Styria that Moreton bay fig tree that you found in Maitland is quite a bit smaller than one I found in San Diego USA about a year ago. This particular tree was imported from Australia as a sapling in 1890, and has been growing ever since. If you wish to see it, that is quite easy, via Google Maps, using the terrestrial photography facility. Go to Google Maps, "Balboa Park, Village Pl / Old globe way", and use the little man in yellow, on the variable scale slide bar, then look SW.

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Old 17th May 2009, 11:46 PM
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It's funny you call it a ghost town styria, and I know exactly where you're coming from. I grew up in Newcastle and my Mum grew up in Lochinvar just a little further west of Maitland and I remember doing frequent trips to Maitland in the 70s and early 80s. Only a 40km trip from where we were, it felt like a big day trip. It was a time when going from Newcastle to Sydney was a huge deal, pre F3, pre bypasses.

Around the Hunter area, yesteryear remnants were still alive and kicking, though slowly decaying and being modernised or shutdown. Even into the early 80s, some coal trains could be seen hauled through Maitland behind steam locos and wooden 4 wheel hoppers. Roads to town from Newcastle were mainly single lanes with a few villages in between and the main street was where the shops were and it was the main thoroughfare. Sure there's no way the main street could cope with New England Hwy traffic now, but when they closed some of the main street to traffic for an open air mall, it kind of stuffed the main street vibe completely IMO. There were also these magnificent street lights. Well as a kid I thought they were. I've never found a photo of them since but they had multicoloured globes hanging from 5 or 6 rods that bent down like fingers in an arch from a single point on the pole.

Anyway, it reminds me of the whole area. It's all moved on in the name of progress and sometimes bad planning decisions. There's an urban sprawl between Newcastle to Maitland and the small town feel has long gone. Generally speaking, the CBDs move into malls, the stately bank and ornate post office buildings are leased to other businesses and the main streets are bypassed at 110. You're left with a sense that there used to be more of a buzz which has long gone and you can only stand back and wonder what it was like.
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Old 19th May 2009, 09:10 AM
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Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Sydney
Posts: 8,671

Hi Ossie, you know you couldn't have put it any better than what you have. It is exactly what I was trying to convey, but obviously did not have the right choice of words that would have conveyed my feelings - even that tree evoked some sort of nostalgia.

Unfortunately, time and progress, such as it is, do prevent one from exploring the mythical or unknown. I think there is also distances of our country involved. A while ago, I was returning from Victoria (Harrietville , Bright) and obviously we had to start our return journey through Wodonga, but by-passed Albury. Loved Wodonga, real quaint and clean little city, anf I took the opportunity to check out the old migrant camp at Bonegilla when we first arrived in Ozzieland. Still remember my first meal that night - some sort of stew and apricots in custard - no meal has ever tasted better since. Anyway, I am digressing.

Returning from Albury to Sydney, the distances between towns or cities are just so immense, and many times you see a sign showing the location of the township you are about to pass doing about 120 and you wonder 'what the place would really be like' but, of course, there is no such sentiment. You just seem to want to press on to get home.

We did have a lengthy stop at Yass and grabbed the opportunity to have a lovely hot meal at the local Returned Soldiers Club - nice club, nice atmosphere, but again one got the impression that not much was happening in that township either. Nevertheless, you will not forget that short, but much appreciated sojourn. Loved the buildings, AND the atmosphere (believe it or not) - it just all takes you back at least three generations and of course when you were much younger and looked for different values in life. Regards Styria

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