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Default Re: A strange phone call ...

I may be able to shed a bit of light as to why the fatherland is not listening to our distress calls.

I work for a very large OEM truck manufacturer who is based in Sweden.

The possible reason they are not listening (or willing to change the build spec) is that every single item that is engineered, approved, tested & locked in during the many years of planning a new product is more than likely unique to the model in planning.

Tyres are especially important in modern times as they are detrimental to some of the very complex and important safety packages in cars and trucks.
Mercedes Benz being one of the OEM’s at the forefront of safety would rate tyres amongst the most important things in their new vehicles.
Of course, ride handing and NVH are also attributed to tyres as well as being directly related to the vehicles suite of safety items.

Once all these engineering gates are closed, the supplier will then be given a forecast of the number of vehicles the OEM will build, and lock the supplier into a contract.
Sometimes this is for years, or sometimes it will only be for a matter of months or production units of the designed part.

Thus the tyre supplier noted here, will have them over a barrel so to speak, as they have designed something, it has been approved and accepted by the OEM, and SOP (Start Of Production) occurs.

So if an alteration to the build spec was to happen will be very hard to begin a chain of events to alter or remove the contract, let alone begin the engineering design work and approval of a possible replacement part.

The “phone call” to Brian may have been generated by complaints or in Brian’s case a “lost sale”

The salesman would have been building a case of all issues relating to the run flat tyres to submit to the product or engineering division for them to review.

I do know any OEM will listen IF there are sufficient numbers with valid cases submitted by each country affected.

However none of the above can explain the dumb reason why Rolls-Royce do not provide tyres for the Phantom VII
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