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Default Re: Choosing Rover P5 tyres

Pictures 3, 4 and 5 illustrate what was done to the hubcaps many years ago. More on that later. Picture 6 illustrates the difference in rolling radius when compared with the 185.65.15s that are fitted to a mark IIC Coupe that I bought from C107 who had purchased it at a huge Rover auction in Canberra last year. The Coupe also gives you an idea what the hubcaps should look like. Stainless steel only, with badge in the middle.

Picture Number 7 again illustrates the difference in rolling diameter between the genuine, and original Crossply tyre and a 195.70.15 modern Bridgestone Consela radial tyre. BTW, those radials are marked for the MarkIII Coupe that will be fitted with the later Rostyle rims that adorned the P5B (V8) Coupes and Saloons. Regards Styria
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