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Default Choosing Rover P5 tyres

For some little while now, I have been somewhat agonizing about having to purchase a set of tyres for one of my Coupes - specifically, in this instance, the Admirality Blue/Slate Grey Mark 2A Coupe that I bought in 1971. I had already, some three to four years ago, bought Bridgestone Conselas - one of which is shown as a comparison with the Avon Turbospeed MarkIV Nylon Crossplys. I came by those through a friend, who knew a friend in Canberra with a couple of old, non-functioning and dilapidated old Rovers who happened, by chance, to have four brand new of these Avons in his possession and that had never been used.

Well, I agreed to purchase the tyres sight unseen, believing that they were Avon Turbosteels. When I met up with him to exchange tyres for money, I discovered to my consternation that they were Crossplys. Well, it was too late, and decided to bite the bullet to honour an agreement made with the friend of that friend of mine. You know what I mean. Many years ago, I already had the outside of the rims painted in the Admirality Blue, but the edges had copped a bit of a hammering being stored on top of each other, and the "new" tyres encouraged me to respray and refreshen the rims in 2pack in that colour. At the same time, I also utilized some long owned Royal Blue pressure pack to paint the inside of the rims. You can see the difference but, what the heck, the Royal Blue is on the inside and one does not normally see that area. So here are some pics. initially, and I will explain a little further hereunder.

The video I am relating to is "In the Rover tradition, Reel 1 - it illustrates the trickery as far as the models are concerned, plus the difference in hubcaps as shown in my pictures. Incidentally, never at any time have I seen painted hubcaps as illustrated in this post.

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