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Originally Posted by Patrick_R View Post
I agree Bryce,
The Corona seems like a bargain collectors item.
The interior is quite stunning, and no cracks or damage which 70ís Japanese cars had as standard is a bit of an eye opener.
My father had an early 80s Cressida as a company car for a short period. This was of course back in the days before FBT so company cars were much more common. I can't remember all the details, but I think he had recently joined that company and they had ordered him a car, but it wasn't going to be available for a couple of months. The cressida had belonged to another employee who had left and it had a few months left on the lease.

I recall it being quite comfortable, but a bit boring. it was blue with a blue velour interior. At the time I was helping him pave our driveway and we did a few loads of pavers in the boot in this thing. We filled every available space in the quite large boot on a couple of runs, must have been about a ton of pavers in there. other than looking like a dog with worms dragging its arse, the Cressida didn't really suffer all that much being used as a ute.

Funny how you remember these sort of things.
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