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Default Re: Dora 2

I did Michel

I couldn’t pass it up when I saw it.
Mechanically sweet, and very well looked after, just sitting neglected for the last few months in the street, while his new ride enjoys the garage.

It has some external cosmetic issues, nothing dramatic, just some light scratches, a scrape on the bottom passenger side front lip, and a small crease just aft of the filler flap, courtesy of a golf bag I was told.

Some of the cheap and nasty side seat base trims are broken, just real poor design putting them there.

The old CD rom sat nav works a treat, and the 6 stacker in the boot works well, and she has a sub woofer hiding under the back parcel shelf I found out tonight while I stripped and cleaned the boot.

All tools, and original spare still in place, so is the first aid kit.
Air cond is great, and I will have to read the book regarding the 500 buttons on the centre stack.

Service is already completed, tyres, brake rotors and pads & coolant flush Saturday, then a good drive to bed the brakes in, say Goulburn

Thanks aussie,
It sure is a really nice car to drive, very quiet and quite responsive for only 4.3L
Likes to rev, but lacks the sheer pull of the 5.6, but she sings beautifully.

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