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Default Re: k jet 450 Vac Advance/Retard diagram non-smog

Yesterday I had a bit more of a play with this.
I have filled the tank with 98, and the pinging is a lot less, but is still there.
it happens at around 95 km/h or more at slightly open throttle.
My assumption here is that the combination of the mechanical advance and the vacuum advance is too much.

Next thing I tried is to put a cap on the now disconnected retard line on the vacuum canister on the distributor. My thinking was that the diaphram would harder to move with that port closed. Don't think it made any difference.

My next thought is probably to retard the ignition a little. My thinking is that this is preferable than disconnecting the vacuum advance. The car does seem to have quite a bit more pick up and go since I re-connected the broken advance and disconnected the retard.

I also need to plug the unused lines for the EGR. This was disconnected years before my ownership, but the lines not capped off.

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