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Default Re: k jet 450 Vac Advance/Retard diagram non-smog

Originally Posted by c107 View Post
To add further, I am also trying to work out in the diagram I have annotated, what is plugged in where on the regular K-Jet 450.

On the Aussie one, A is vacuum advance, which means there is NO advance at idle, and peak advance at moderate throttle openings (i.e. cruising on the motorway)

B is vacuum retard, which is max at idle and then turns off after idle.

C is air pump, which is unaffected by the throttle butterfly.

I am not sure where various stuff is plugged in on the regular car.
Hi Bryce
I believe B through changeover valve is actually vacuum advance with a/c compressor engaged, it advances timing 10 deg to raise idle speed when comprsssor cuts it
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