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Default Re: k jet 450 Vac Advance/Retard diagram non-smog

Originally Posted by sean sherry View Post
Bryce , I think you will get a better result with 10/11% static advance using 98 octane fuel. Though the total mechanical advance is the important number. somewhere in the low thirties and up to 35 % if the engine is relatively carbon free in all the combustion chambers. Sometimes one cylinder has a build up of carbon and it will cause pinging.
Thanks - right now I have 95 in the tank, and as of now the vac advance is plugged in to port A on my diagram, I have not connected up the vac retard and I tried advancing the timing a few degrees. This was fine under load, but it pinged at cruise, probably because of the vac advance. I have put it back a bit, but not yet taken the car for a test drive, and I want to use up more of the 95 before I try a tank of 98 so I get the full benefit.

I need to find some caps to cap off the ports for EGR and Air pump as these were disconnected years ago but the lines left uncapped.
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