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Default k jet 450 Vac Advance/Retard diagram non-smog

Does anyone have a diagram of the vacuum lines for the M117 450 K Jet for the rest of the world models? I've got the vacuum diagrams for both the AU and US models complete with EGR and lots of retard built in. For reference mine is a 1977 model.

Since the EGR is long since disconnected on my car (and it always uses 95 non-ethanol fuel) I am trying to fix some of the broken vacuum lines and looking to see how the system would be set up with out it.

specifically i am trying to work out?

1) Is there any vacuum retard on the non smog 450 (e.g. to raise idle with A/C on?)
2) does the vac advance plug into the vac source above or below the throttle butterfly? As far as I know there are three sources, two above and one below. I gather the non-smog engines have the unused sources capped.

It seems that if you don't care about idle emissions you wouldn't need the retard function and the advance function would be plugged in below the throttle, not above it like in the smog system.

A very simple system may no vac retard at all and a single advance line going via a thermal valve to the vacuum advance on the distributor.
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