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Having regards to the diabolical action on the part of Photobucket. I haven't actually read the contents of each post, as I was too busy counting the number of photos that have been deleted. In all, one hundred and sixty, plus two that were posted by Benz Boy.

Thus, at the indiscreet, and discriminatory stroke of a pen, the entire thread has been reduced from "one of the very best', if not the best, to a meaningless mumbo, jumbo by the provider. I am afraid to say that the greater portion of Topklasse has been reduced to a virtually meaningless conglomeration of threads and posts. Now, I don't know what Michel can, or is prepared to do, to again give some meaning to his excellent thread. It is unfortunate that I have chosen Michel, and I would like to make it quite clear that he is under no obligation to try and eliminate the actions of Photobucket. It just so happens that his thread is one of the very best.

From a personal note, I will list some other threads, primarily mine that I can think of, where it is my intention to resurrect the photographic features that have accompanied posts. It just needs to be done to restore any credibility of the content of our website. Regards Styria
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