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Originally Posted by WiSeGuYY View Post
HEY MICHEL , what a great post , it started before i know you or join TK ( i wish i did earlier , i passed several chances to VISIT LEBENON for the same silly MEDIA claiming unsafe COUNTRY till we face worse situation here in EGYPT post january 25th 2011 , my wife went several times (with work and meetings) but i passed since i didn't imagine how nice LEBANON is, MY BAD.

One friend of me keep a flat and an SLK there and go everytime he can , i didn't understand it is that nice , again my bad.

EVEN my young son had to go last year to attend competition with his school as a swim team member and he won couple of GOLD medals LOL

I don't know but people talk about SOLIDAIR area as stunning place and about BUDDAH BAR and the BMW X5 are the common street cars as rentals

I like the architectual and this PHOTOS since i'm am a civil engineer by proffession and easly impressed by stunning churches and mosques ,

just asked now my wife about the HARISSA lady of Lebanon and oh boy she said it is huge , i only saw the one in BRAZIL in REO in photos , never saw the one in LEBANON before.

THANKS MICHEL for the FERRARI and sharing the trip photos with us.



A bit late, but I just realised I never answered your post.

Lebanon is a very scenic country, essentially because it is so small and everything is so close. (it is smaller than Sydney and its suburbs)
The coastline is so narrow (a few kilometres) that the mountain is in your face anytime you look east.

The Solidere ( area comprises basically the 'downtown' part of the city that has been essentially rebuilt to original designs.
It is simply stunning and fascinating to see that 'reproduction'.

I don't wish to bore everyone, but should you be interested, have a look at those links.
Most Lebanese are show offs and like to be seen sporting the latest fashion and driving the hippest cars (Benzes and BMW are especially loved).

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