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Default Re: Greetings from somewhere above Asia

I really don't know what is trhe attraction of a non-stop flight to Europe opr the States. I have only ever flown with China Airlines on two occasions (four if you count returns), and the first flight was a four engined A340 (?), whilst on the second occasion it was a twin, and I think it was an A330. Not sure.

What I liked about China Airlines were the stop overs in Taiwan and Abu Dhabi, and then to Vienna direct. Sure enough, they were twenty four hours flights, but the stop overs, especially on my returns from Vienna, enabled me to spend one day, one night in ****hotel, and all day the following day which I utilized to explore Taiwan itself. I used their super efficient fast train that took me from one end of the island to the other (return) at a cost of $A50.00 - a distance of seven hundred kilometers and it reached a speed of 296 km/hour. Absolutely superb. Had I travelled non-stop, none of this would have been possible.......and it was all at a fraction of the non-stop flight cost. That's my story. Regards Styria
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