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Default Re: Greetings from somewhere above Asia

Originally Posted by c107 View Post
Unfortunately the consumer will not pay more for the A380 experience, preferring to pay less for the sardine can alternative.
Hence the premature death of the A380.
I don’t believe this is the reason Bryce.
Rather, it is the demand for direct travel that long haul-capable planes, such as the 787 or the A350 can offer, that is pushing the market away from the hub-based super aircrafts such as the A380 and the 747.
People prefer to take a direct flight to Dallas or Chicago and eventually New York in a non-stop situation rather then hub in and out of Los Angeles.
As a matter of fact Qantas charges a premium for non-stop flights to London out of Perth in a smaller 787 than the huge A380 that has to stop bin Singapore.

Obviously a two-engined, light weight aircraft, such as the 787, uses much less fuel that the bigger four-engined behemoths and this is very attractive to the bean counters at the airline’s headquarters.

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