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Originally Posted by WGB View Post
Enjoy - a beautiful area of Italy once you get away from the Industrial cities.

Leave some of Europe for me as I'm doing the Amsterdam to Budapest River trip with a holiday in Vienna during July so long as my Wife's Health holds up.


Unfortunately will probably not get to Stuttgart this trip.
Budapest is a most beautiful city Bill - I hope you have the chance to stay a while and enjoy it. If I could live anywhere of my own choosing, Budapest would be high on the ladder. Dine at Cafe Calais beside the Opera house, eat icecreams down on the river bank in the evening, go to outrageously excellent concerts in the little churches, visit the large food market and try the underground rail for a sight of grand little stations - shop on Andrassy Ut and do try the medicinal baths for a little time out. I hope your wife stay well.
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